Reaching New Heights with Pete Rhodes

Dangling over the Forth Road Bridge with no more than a rope, harness and plank of wood to keep you upright isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but for Pete, the thrill of swaying in the open air is why he’s made a career from rope access management.

Adventurer at heart and rope access manager by trade Pete Rhodes has recently begun working with SES to oversee an exciting new offering. You guessed it, rope access! SES is now supplying rope access equipment to support our customers.

Exploring the significance of our rope kit and why this offering is something to be celebrated, we’ve caught up with Pete, who tells us more about his role and journey from courageous climber to rope access whiz.

“I’ve spent most of my life at great heights, either swinging by a rope or ensuring those venturing into a harness for the first time are doing so safely. As a climber, I spent the earlier years of my life travelling, climbing, and supporting businesses by dangling from obscure structures to fund my passion. I’ve worked in rope access for over 15 years and worked my way up to IRATA level three supervisor supporting on and offshore projects. I’ve been both the student and the teacher, and my experiences have led me to a range of in house positions and finally to my current destination of Rope Access Technical Authority.

“Rope access is fascinating. Many people shudder at the thought, but interestingly, it’s one of the safest methods of access when conducting work at height. Don’t get me wrong, if not performed appropriately, it can be dangerous. But as such, the practice is given the respect, governance and regulation it deserves; our regulatory body IRATA provides intensive training while our kit falls under LOLER lifting regulations.

“I’m delighted to have the opportunity to support the SES team. I’m excited to grow the rope access offering and get it done right. SES is a fantastic company, the broad offering and the number of highly experienced long-term employees at SES speaks for itself.

“SES can offer the full array of equipment needed for rope access projects to external companies. What’s more, we test and trial all of our kit in house, leaving customers with the peace of mind that it’s been signed off to the highest safest standards.

“As we continue to develop and grow this offering, I look forward to keeping my feet on the ground while supporting our teams and customers to reach new heights.”

Are you managing a rope access project and require additional resource? SES is here to support you at great heights. Speak to a member of our team today by emailing to learn more about our new rope access equipment offering.