Videos: Mechanical and Hydraulic Equipment

SES' hydraulic bolt tensioning tool - Driven by safety, quality and technical integrity, our hydraulic bolt tensioning tools are designed to assist our clients to increase productivity, reduces production down time, and significantly increase savings for onshore/offshore operations.


SES' bolt torquing hands free wrench - SES excels in supplying specialist equipment renowned for its quality and reliability. Our bolt torquing hands free wrench is a safer alternative to the traditional way of bolt tensioning by flogging.


SES' hydraulic nut splitter- SES' services are designed to assist our customers to increase productivity and reduce production downtime. Our hydraulic nut splitter is a safer alternative to remove nuts that have been exposed to the harshest environments.


SES' hydraulic flange spreader - SES are always looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your project. Our hydraulic flange spreader is a quick and safe solution to separating piping spools.

SES' Cengar Air Saw is a hand held saw designed to be used on metals and plastics in production environments.
"A suitable and sufficient risk assessment should be carried out that takes account of applicable legislation and local site requirements."