Warehousing and Materials Management Service

SES - Warehousing and Materials Management ServiceSpecialist Equipment Solutions provide comprehensive warehousing and materials management services to the oil & gas and natural resources industry.

The facilities include warehousing and storage in Aberdeen and Gt Yarmouth; these warehouses are logically arranged utilising controlled systems that enable our personnel to locate materials and equipment at all times. The facilities are clean, dry and environmentally controlled; they are secure and covered by CCTV and security guards.

The comprehensive management service includes:

The dedicated team of stores personnel act as focal points for handling our customers materials; once received the materials are inspected and stored in a designated location. When required the materials are packed, containerised and manifested for onward shipping. This service can facilitate specific customer requirements such as the administration of computer based applications for material control.

The team of stores personnel include experts in the transportation of dangerous goods. Our highly experienced and trained staff can pack, containerise and manifest items classified as dangerous goods by sea or air. Such activities are carried out in accordance with IMDG/IATA codes of practice and Oil & Gas UK Guidelines for the Safe Packing and Handling of cargo to and from Offshore Locations.

For further information regarding our Warehousing and Materials Management Service please contact:

Mathew Herd, Hiredesk and Logistics Lead, Telephone No. 01224 291292, E-mail: mathew.herd@ses-offshore.com