Equipment Management Service/Solutions

Equipment Management Service/SolutionsThe SES equipment management solution comprises of 7 discrete but interrelated stages. The stages are designed to form a holistic approach to the supply and management of equipment; this approach enables our customers to have full confidence in the value of our services and concentrate on their core business objectives.

A culture of Continuous Improvement is woven into the fabric of the SES business and each of the 7 stages is continuously reviewed to identify improvement opportunities. Our processes are designed to effectively capture the feedback from our customers, changes in legislation and technology and the suggestions of our employees.

Stage One – Customer Focus

The holistic approach to equipment management adopted by SES starts and finishes with our customers needs. This stage involves:

Stage Two – Intelligent Procurement

SES apply intelligent procurement to ensure the equipment is safe, reliable and of the correct specification. This stage involves:

Stage Three – Preparation of Product

Equipment Management SolutionMany items of equipment are supplied from manufacturers in a standard specification only; such items often require preparation to ensure the specification meets the requirements for the oil & gas industry and specific customer’s requirements. Such preparation includes:

Stage Four – Technical Integrity

Prior to delivery each item of equipment is subjected to the appropriate controls to ensure its technical integrity. Each item of equipment is identified by a unique number and records of inspection and tests are maintained for each item, previous test results are routinely analysed for signs of deterioration, allowing us to identify potential failures before occurrence.

All items are subjected to inspection, testing and certification where appropriate; such activities are carried out by competent technicians who are qualified to industry standards. The technical integrity stage includes:

Stage Five - Delivery

The holistic management solution enables SES to exceed our customer’s delivery expectations. Our dedicated team includes focal points that ensure the required equipment is delivered on time. The equipment is packed, containerised and manifested in accordance with the Oil & Gas UK Guidelines for the Safe Packing and Handling of cargo to and from Offshore Locations.

Stage Six – Technical Support

Unrivalled technical support is provided by our equipment experts who are qualified to industry standards and trained by equipment manufacturers. This technical support enables our customers and end users to select the right equipment for the task to be undertaken; it also provides equipment demonstrations where appropriate and advises on operability issues that may be encountered on site.

Stage Seven – Sustainable Equipment Management

We ensure that our equipment management solution is sustainable in terms of minimising waste and the impact on the environment; this is achieved by:

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