Meet Roy Moore, SES Instrument Lead

SES meet Roy Moore

August 2022 marks Roy Moore’s twenty-fifth year with Specialist Equipment Solutions (SES). That’s twenty-five years of self-discovery, progression, and lifelong learning. SES boasts over a century of experience in providing high-quality electrical, instrumentation and mechanical installation solutions, and Roy is proud to have evolved alongside the company where he now provides exemplary leadership to the service team and leads SES’ Instrumentation department for Worley.

Roy says “I started working with the organisation in 1997. At the time, I was taking part in a Higher National Certificate in Electrical Engineering. An apprenticeship was the perfect option for me; It enabled me to gain technical knowledge, access to first-class facilities and advice from in-house experts. Over the past 25 years from lab work to leadership roles, I’ve adapted to the ever-changing landscape of the energy industry. I have mastered multiple aspects of engineering, but most importantly I have understood the value of teamwork and lifelong learning.

SES meet Roy Moore

I love a challenge – as Instrument Lead there’s always an opportunity to learn more as new systems are introduced. I have also taken opportunities to develop and grow my skillset. Rope access equipment was introduced as a new offering from SES and Worley in 2021 and I took the opportunity to train as a Rope Access Inspection Technician to support our new department.

I have a kick-ass approach to life – and that’s not just career-orientated. In my spare time, I practise and teach martial arts. From Taekwondo to Judo, my leadership role stretches into the gym. I’m a firm believer in the benefits of physical activity and I recognise the importance of mental health.

Last year, I became a mental health champion - and I'm not the only one! I would say a quarter of our SES workforce are champions. This means that we take action to raise awareness, challenge stigma and signpost co-workers to support services. What can I say, we’re a workforce who genuinely care for one another!”.