Gas Detection Equipment

We use our expertise and our relationship with the equipment manufacturers to deliver gas detection equipment that you can rely on.

SES can provide a full range of gas detection equipment to meet the requirement of the Oil & Gas and Natural Resources industry.

A range of portable gas detection equipment is available to measure and detect atmospheric conditions at the worksite, and to monitor and record exposure of personnel to toxic gases that have workplace exposure limits.

The detectors can be configured to detect 3 or 4 gases simultaneously for a range gases including Oxygen and:

Flammable Gases

Toxic Gases

SES can also provide specialist equipment such as Benzene Detectors to meet your requirements.

We have formed a close working relationship with market leading suppliers in gas detection equipment and our technical staff are trained and authorised by the manufacturers to service, repair and test our range of instruments. Our hire fleet has been standardised with reliable and rugged market leading detectors.

The range of models available includes:

For further information regarding Gas Detection Equipment please contact:
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