Bolt Torque & Tensioning Equipment

Hand torge wrenchesSES have a full range of Bolt Torque & Tensioning equipment to facilitate all applications.

The range of equipment has been selected by our experts and is industry- proven by manufacturers such as Hytorc, HTL, Bolt-Tight & Norbar.

All of our equipment is serviced and maintained by our team of fully trained engineers ensuring that the end user has the best possible equipment to complete the task.

All of our torque equipment comes supplied with an up to date calibration certificate.


Hand Torque Wrenches

SES have a vast fleet of hand torque wrenches from 3/8” – 1” square drive, 16 & 22mm spigot and covering a range from 8 – 1500 Nm.

Hydraulic torque wrenchesFor greater torqueing requirements, SES can also supply a range of Torque Multipliers available in 1/2" & 3/4” square drive, and to be utilised in conjunction with the hand torque wrenches.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

SES hold a large fleet of hydraulic torque equipment, from torque heads and reaction arms, to 110v or air driven pumps and all high-pressure hoses.

All can be supplied as a ready to use kit.

Our fleet covers sizes from 1.1/16” (27mm) – 4.5/8” 117mm)

Bolt Tensioning Equipment

Bolt tensioning equipmentWith an extensive fleet of bolt tensioning equipment and industry leading suppliers at our disposal, we are able to offer equipment to furnish all of your bolting & flange integrity requirements.

Tensioning heads covering all sizes of standard and oversized bolts from 3/4" – 3.1/2” bolt size.