Communications Equipment

Specialist Equipment Solutions (SES) offer a comprehensive range of ATEX approved VHF/UHF communication equipment to suit the requirements of the oil & gas and natural resources industry.

The SES communication equipment is managed in a collaborative manner using our in-house expertise and management systems; this is supported by our approved communications specialists. The benefits of utilising this approach are an increase in efficiency, with access to wide product range and technical support resulting in a significant cost reduction via a single point of contact.

SES have standardised with the latest range of Entel communication equipment. These ATEX approved radios are extremely robust and offer superior performance with a Li-Ion battery providing 18hr duty cycle. The radios are suitable for use in hostile environments because of the IP67 rating; this provides superior protection against the ingress of solids and liquids (radios are submersible).

The range of equipment is maintained by competent technicians who are approved by the manufacturer. Prior to delivery each radio is subject to inspection and 3 separate tests to ensure that it is safe for use and operating correctly.

The range of radios is complemented by a number of accessories selected to meet our customer’s specific requirements including:

Our approved communication specialist has introduced the world first ATEX repeater; this innovative product allows our customers to eliminate radio black spots/dead zones from their installations and sites

The communications equipment experts at SES can advise you on the types of equipment that will meet the demands of your business.

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