Welding Equipment

We use our expertise and our unique relationship with the equipment manufacturers to deliver welding equipment that will exceed your expectations. 

Specialist Equipment Solutions offer a full range of welding and cutting equipment to meet the demanding requirements of the oil & gas and natural resources industry.

The welding equipment and packages available have been purposely selected by our welding experts for the following attributes:

To meet the industry requirements we use only the highest standard of equipment from industry proven manufacturers including:

Packages are available for MIG, TIG and MMA welding applications.

The welding equipment is maintained in our purpose built repair and testing facilities, which are staffed by welding technicians that have been trained and approved by the equipment manufacturers to carry out repair and maintenance activities.

The welding equipment experts at SES have formed a unique working relationship with Kemppi. A joint continuous improvement initiative has resulted in the  development of a lightweight TIG welding control unit that enables welding to be performed at distances of up to 150m from the nearest power supply.

A range oxy acetylene straight line cutters, pipe bevelling and plasma cutting equipment up to a capacity of 32mm is available as well as a large variety of pipe clamps and alignment aids. A full range of accessories and consumables is available for use with the equipment.

Our welding equipment experts can advise you on the types of equipment that will meet the demands of your business.

Check out our ArcGen Weldmaker video here.

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