Equipment Overview

SES in close association with Kemppi have developed a lightweight, in line control unit which uses the Master 3500mls as it’s power source. This allows TIG welding operations to be carried out at distances of one hundred and fifty meters or more from the nearest suitable mains supply.

The following provides a brief overview of the types of Welding Equipment we can offer.

Pro Evolution is one of the most versatile welding systems on the market allowing the optimal choice of equipment and welding parameters.

The diesel engine is fully compliant with the requirements for use on petro-chemical sites and in non hazardous areas offshore. The 300AVC combines a highly intelligent engine management system with increased welding output which in turn offers significant savings on fuel costs, up to forty percent in some instances.

Lightweight and efficient, these machines are portable and designed for use in extreme conditions. Due to its size it is easy to access even the narrowest of places. These machines are also equipped with the multi logic system which allows more choice for the user with easy to install control panels.