Electrical and Air driven Power Tools

Specialist Equipment Solutions offer a full range of electrical and air driven power tools to meet the demanding requirements of the oil & gas and natural resources industry.

The power tools are maintained in our purpose built tool repair and testing facilities, which are staffed by experts that have been trained and approved by the equipment manufacturers to carry out tool repair and maintenance activities.

Our tools are subjected to a condition monitoring programme, which allows us to carry out comparative analysis against historical data to identify early signs of component and bearing wear. This is not only beneficial for increased productivity and a reduction in down time, but, also reduces potentially intolerable exposure of personnel to vibration.

Each model of tool is tested in our purpose built hand arm vibration (HAV) and noise assessment centre, where our test engineers carry out testing and analysis of the vibration and noise values produced under simulated conditions. Each tool is certified and labelled with the emitted values which enable the exposure of personnel to be realistically estimated and monitored accordingly.

The range of power tools are the best available on the market and are purposely selected for excellent performance and lowest vibration and noise levels.

The range includes: 

We have established a unique relationship with our approved tool suppliers and industry proven manufacturers which enables us to deliver the tools that will get the job done safely and effectively. Such manufacturers include: 

Our power tool experts can advise you on the equipment required to meet your demands.

For further information regarding Electrical and Air driven Power Tools please contact:
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