Equipment Range

Electrical Test

Insulation & Continuity, Earth Loop,
RCD, Hi-Pot Flash, PAT, 5 KV...
Specialist Equipment Services - Electrical testing equipment

Electronic Test  & Measurement Equipment

Clamp meters, Cellcorders, Decade Boxes, Digital Multimeters, Loop...
Specialist Equipment Services - Electronic Measurement equipment

Temperature Test & Measurement Equipment

Digital Thermometers, Dry-block Calibrators, Humidity & Temperature...
Specialist Equipment Services - Temperature testing equipment

Pressure Test & Measurement Equipment

Dead Weight Testers, Comparators, Pressure Calibrators, Digital Meters...Specialist Equipment Services - Pressure Test & Measurement Equipment

Gas Detection

Hand Held Gas Alarms, Transportable Gas Alarms...
Specialist Equipment Services - Gas Detection equipment


Fall Arrestor Inertia Reels, Body Harnesses, Karabiner Hooks, Life...
Specialist Equipment Services - Safety Equipment

Lifting Equipment and Accessories

Air Hoists, Beam Clamps, Chain Blocks, Snatch Blocks, Pull Lifts, Plate Clamps..
Specialist Equipment Services - Lifting Equipment


Packages available for MIG, TIG and
MMA welding applications...
Specialist Equipment Services - Welding Equipment


Water-proof fist microphone, heavy duty ear defenders, 6-Way/Single Chargers..
Specialist Equipment Services - Communications Equipment

Mechanical & Hydraulic Equipment

Threading Machines, Pipe benders & stands, Lockrings Tools, Hydraulic ...
Specialist Equipment Services - Mechanical and Hydrailic Equipment

Electrical and Air Driven Power Tools

Pistol Drills, Battery Drills, SDS Drills, Magnetic Drills, Grinders, Jigsaws...
Specialist Equipment Services - Power Tools

Electrical Distribution & Lighting Equipment

Mains Distribution Units, Transformers, ATEX Spiders, Extention Leads...
Specialist Equipment Services - Electrical testing equipment